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Lightwork - Joe Con

    The Con Is Real.





Staying true to your roots while pursuing your dreams can be a difficult balancing act many of us know all too well. Multi-genre artist Joe Con embodies and embraces that challenge every day. A captivating performer & supremely lyrical MC, Joe also writes, records and performs as a singer-songwriter and band leader in a variety of styles, from raucous blues to delicate folk ballads and beyond. Underlying and unifying all his diverse musical forms is a wordsmith’s knack for language, a gift he hones meticulously through a prodigious output of original material. 


After moving to the SF Bay from central Kentucky, Con cut his teeth in the underground hiphop scene, earning the respect of his peers and a reputation as a uniquely talented rapper with a rare blend of style and substance. His debut album ‘Awake & Dreaming’ foreshadowed Con’s willingness to forge and follow his own artistic path, a pattern he has continued throughout his career. 


In addition to his undeniable talent and singular approach, Joe’s understated yet striking spirituality is a major aspect that permeates all of his music. His oft repeated mantra ‘love.power.peace.light’ succinctly articulates Joe’s belief that music is soul medicine that can heal the world from the inside out. He calls this larger mission LIGHTWORK, a concept which, like so much of his art and life, operates on many levels and carries multiple meanings. Whether in concert or on record, driven by beats & rhymes or by melodies & live instrumentation, Joe Con’s music and message make you dance, think, and feel. He is a distinct artist with memorable songs that are simultaneously fresh and familiar, easily accessible yet deeply provocative. Joe Con, also known as The Word Made Fresh, is one to watch, one to hear, and one to see.





                          The Man...


     The Myth...


Born in a tobacco barn during a thunderstorm after a labor so intense it nearly killed both mother & child, the man now known simply as Joe Con has always done things his own way. The hard way. He refused to make a single sound until his second birthday, when he began speaking in full sentences his parents soon discovered were actually rhyming verses of original songs he claimed had come to him in a dream. At three he started playing harmonica and banging on a toy keyboard that had been salvaged from the local dump, and by five he’d built his first cigar box guitar out of a kit his uncle ordered from a magazine. Age eight found him preaching and singing at a baptist church outside of town, just across the same railroad tracks that would soon take young Joe to places he could not yet even imagine. 

On the road, Joe played and sang for his supper when he had any, and swapped stories with travelers, tramps, and troubadours alike as he crisscrossed the massive breadth of the United States many times over, in search of something that was always just out of reach. Along the way he sowed his oats and honed his chops, slowly building a tiny but devoted following and, more importantly, an extensive songbook. He mixed the folk, country, blues, gospel and bluegrass music of his Kentucky roots with the electrified funk, hip-hop, soul & rock n roll he found in the city, and let all that goodness cook down over a slow boil into something delicious and altogether different.


Finally, after years of drifting, Joe landed on the sunny shores of southern California, in a peaceful ocean adjacent neighborhood called Venice Beach. At last he’d found a place where the climate suited his clothes, and he decided to settle down a while. He started writing up some of the new songs that were floating around his head and before long he even cut a few good records. He made a lot of friends, and played a lot of shows, but the love of the open highway never left and before long, town started feeling too small again, and the call of the road too big.


There’s a lot of pretty houses in Los Angeles, and a lot of pretty people too. And if it’s really true that anything worth doing is worth over doing, then LA is certainly a testament to that idea. But there ain’t enough jukes, jives, dumps, or dives looking to hire a guitar man for Joe’s taste. And there’s far too many cars, and not nearly enough places to park them. Too many dreamers and not enough dream. As the song says, there’s just too much train and not enough track. Not enough rowdy roadhouses and sweat soaked saloons. Not enough decent, hard working, God fearing people ready & willing to listen to a man share his battle tried, road tested, hard won songs and bare his ever loving soul to all, and too many bodies trying to silence their own truths with saccharine sonic filler that don’t do the job.


Hell, fact is, there’s just too many songs left to sing, and too many good people that need to hear ‘em to ever stay in one place for long. There’s nothing in this wide world that Joe loves better than walking into a room full of strangers and walking out with a room of friends. And that’s just what he aims to do here and now. So listen to a couple of tunes and watch a video or two, and come see your soon to be good buddy Joe Con when he makes his next stop somewhere near you...