Another brand new wave here for you to surf. From the Con through the Cave to the planet Earth. Fell out of hell and crash landed on the sand and dirt. Damaged and hurt but that's a whole other can of worms. I'd rather focus on my craft so my hands will learn. The candle burns both ends as the globe spins. My soul aches I feel naked in my own skin. Cold breaks that's all it takes to make bones bend. Shit is thick you can't kick it like a stone shin. Spit splits chins don't grin like old men. When the wind hits the pen Yo! Here we go again. Off road drove to the cove. Dove in. Paddled off shore on a board. Rode in. Ocean keeps rolling like bicycle spokes spin. Silence is advisable. Violence won't win. Bitch. You can't struggle with the juggernaut. Caught up in the lovers' plot considering we young and hot. I keep 'em chillin' at the summer spot. One a pop then cut 'em off. Whether they're done or not. Run 'em off.


The ZooLife. The tried and true die or do life. You don't know the what where or who life. Keep your bars up high. Keep your screws tight. Do right in this die or do life the ZooLife. 



From the Big Bang birth of the Universe.

All Tracks produced and engineered by Cave for Boschetti Sauce Music (ASCAP). All lyrics written by S. Hobson for Word Made Fresh Music except Track 2 f. JernEye & Kristo. Track 7 f. M. Pliner. Track 9 f. Lonneye. Tracks recorded and mixed at Awake Click Studios #1 & #2, in South Berkeley & Emeryville, CA.  Executive Producer Uncle Marquis. Concrete Hills SF. 2007. Voiceover by Jai G. Artwork by A. Cole.