There's the who was first she was worth the knowin'

The one that you met when you read your poems

The one made you feel like your soul was soarin'

The one you could never have


The one that you ditched when you hit the city

The one who you picked 'cus she was picture pretty

The one you couldn't quit 'cus you were sick with pity

The one who makes you laugh


And I can't say all I mean 

But I can paint you all my dreams

And I can't say where I'll be

But I can see you there with me


But it ain't it ain't it ain't it ain't it ain't it ain't it ain't Said & Done...


-Said & Done

Produced by Jimmy Harry. All Songs written by S. Hobson. Arrangements by Joe Con & Jimmy Harry. Track 1 f/ production by Teen Wolf. Cover photo and design by Joe Con. Additional design work by M. Marsala and M. Igadomi. Recorded at Curvature Records Studio in Hollywood, CA. Word Made Fresh Music (2013). All rights reserved.