Open caption we cry. Unspoken action deny. The broken bastion hopeless bastard focus. Open your eyes. There's no distraction we rise like noble gases and fly. Over the globe to the sky with total package access. To the Most High. See it through a closed eye. Evil close by like an eagle in a nosedive. Even predators pray. So if you're set in your ways the next day will leave you dead in the clay. OK? You either die or adapt. When the virus attacks it's too late now the wires are tapped jack. We need a driver but the tires are flat. And beside that we hijacked to fight in Iraq. By the same ones supplying the crack. If you denying the fact don't be suprised now we firing back. For souls slow to awaken unified and intact my motive is motivation that inspires the track.


And I'm a soldier. Focused committed. Consistent. 110% with it. We got a ticket to freedom. We gotta get it. We need it. We gotta See it Feel it Speak it and Breathe it. We gotta Live it. That's the Secret to Keep it you gotta Give it. So Peep it you can ask Muhammed Buddha or Jesus. It don't matter whose Teachers allegience in due season the fruit sweetens and all human beings will be a New Creature


-New Creature

produced by JMKill. Lyrics by S. Hobson. Track 7 f/ additional vocals by Miss May. Recorded in Lahaina, Maui, HI. Copyright Word Made Fresh Music (2008) All rights reserved.