Dear Mr. President.

Here is the evidence. Based your career on the fear of the residents. Tell me what your regiment represents. If it ain't pestilence better check again. Not to mention how you ran up the deficit. Cut the benefits. And raised the price on the medicine. What about healthcare for the veterans? What about all the rights of the immigrants? You ain't right. You're just white with the richest friends. And the poor you ignore got the thickest skin. So at night watch out for the wicked wind. Lightning strike like a knife when it's sticking in. You can't hid by your Benjamin dividends. Consider this viciousness a glimpse of the bitter end. And nobody I know feels different. So thank Messiah your retirement's imminent. If it were me you'd be fired for insolence. Tied to the instruments to lie for your innocence. These eyes won't cry for your sentencing. All must fall just to learn what repentance is. Sit snake bit in the pit with the pendulum. As all of the babies ladies and gentlemen... RISE!



All beats jacked from the internet except track 11 produced by Cav3 for Boschetti Sauce Music (ASCAP). Track 7 f. Grand Logic. All lyrics by S. Hobson except Track 7 lyrics by S. Hobson & D. Liston. Cover art by A. Cole. Recorded at The Oakland Zoo DT Oakland & Awake Click House Studios, 1608 Prince St. Berkeley, CA. Tracks written in Nonesuch, KY (2007)