Dream - Joe Con

See what critics are saying about "I Choose You"



“Con’s most concentrated work to date, showcasing a deft touch with melodic poetry and lasting hooks.”



“Joe Con is a hybrid; a musical anomaly emerging as one of the most sought after independent musicians in the business.”



“A breezy trifecta of hip-hop, pop and folk.”

-Sunset In The Rearview


“A weird amalgamation of Beck, Jack Johnson, Talib Kweli and John Mellencamp.”

-The Levity Ball


“...it’s hard to place Joe Con in a box. Just when you think you’ve figured (his) work out, you get hit with a different style.. it’s bluesy, it’s jazz, it’s country, it’s got a raw edge...”

-Sell Out Records 


“...six tracks woven together like a tapestry of neo-Americana...Joe traverses the soundscape of Blues, Folk, Country, soft-Rock, a little Reggae and a good amount of Hip Hop. Con doesn’t just imitate these genres; he brings them together like they were good friends.”

-On This I Stand


“...part hip-hop, part soul...enough of a down home strain to give it a white-boy, dirty feel...”



“Few artists have ventured into the musical place that Kentucky native Joe Con calls home. It is a crossroads where folk music, classic rock, pop and hip hop meet and make a seamless four way handshake.”

-We Do It For The Love Of Music


“Sounds that paint murals inside the blank canvas of our minds...similar to Sublime and Muddy Waters and Red Hot Chili Peppers. He packs a soulful, exhilarating yet relaxing sound.”

-Black On The Canvas


“A whole lot of variety al held together with Joe Con’s own style...features glorious harmonica that adds a folky feel alongside the snappy guitars.”



“Think about giants like Cohen, Lennon and Ray Davies to better understand that these songs are what you might expect from a modern troubadour-type of a similar caliber.”

-Rick Jamm, Jampshere


“Simply stated, this is a collection of songs with sincere, heartfelt creativity interwoven with some beautiful, angry, intense, wistful and reflective moments. The musicianship on the album is superb, while the lyrics have a depth that transcends any time frame...this is an album of brilliant modernity that echoes former glories, intermingling the spirit of the present and the past with a sense of both wisdom and youthful mischief, of music both disciplined and restless in its nature.”



“Joe Con is music for a new society, for a new decade, and for a renewed vision.”