You can find me on your favorite station

You don't even need a radio 

Catch me riding on that good vibration

Tune in the music saves your soul


I'm a sinner still working on sainthood

Still sleeping in my favorite graves

So sick of you saying that it ain't good

I'm pushing your clouds away


Turn me on with the push of a button

Turn me off like a light alright

This a matter still up for discussion

That's why I'm keeping you up all night






Strictly for the real. Forget the phony

Couple mill. Seal the deal with the testimony.

Nothing less than Holy. If we met I left her lonely.

Slicing up my pie I stick to cheese. Pepperoni.


-Serve It Up 


Tracks 1, 5, 7, & 17 produced by Cav3. Tracks 12 & 14 produced by ETHX. Tracks 3, 10 & 15 produced by Brimstone. Track 16 produced by Blakksmith. Remaining tracks (2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11, 13) produced by Eric King. Track 11 features Ayce Sly. All lyrics written by S. Hobson except Tracks 1 & 17 (chorus by J. Boschetti), and Track 9 (sung parts by Ayce). Released 2011. Word Made Fresh Music (ASCAP) All rights reserved.