We built up this house on a hope and a dream

On the hustle and the muscle of man and machine

Slowly we rose from the smoke and the steam

Our faces were dirty but our hands were clean


Service on Sundays and work in the week

And holes in soles of the shoes on our feet

Birds in the bushes and fish in the creek

We'll bake lots of pies when them berries get sweet


And you're not beside me but I'm not alone

You know where to find me when you're on your own

I'll be your blanket when your covers are blown

And you don't have to ask you can always come home 


-You Can Always Come Home

produced by Georg Brandl Egloff with appearances by Don Teschner, Kyla Graves and UltraLove. Cover photo by Scott Gregory. 
Cover design by Laura Shanahan. Word Made Fresh Music (ASCAP) 2011 All Rights Reserved. R
eleased 01 April 2011